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Week Ending 25th May 2018

Another busy week to lead us up to the half term holiday.
The children are still working on our story 'The Little Red Hen'. They are still enjoying telling the story and know & tell it really well.
To build on our success (?!) with baking cakes last week we have been baking bread just like the Little Red Hen - our link to our story. ALL the children kneaded their dough to make their roll. They came out really well - now we know how the oven works! - and we hope that everyone enjoyed them immensely!
In maths we have been looking at doubling, halving and sharing. In lots of practical activities we have been: doubling numbers to 5, then 10; halving numbers from 10, then 20; and sharing up to 20 objects between up to 4 destinations. We used frogs, farm animals, money and even packed lunch ingredients. We were also counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
These are all difficult concepts so any reinforcement you can help with at home would be great. Doubling numbers to 5 and halving numbers from 10 needs nothing more than 2 hands of 5 fingers each - simple!
Coached PE this week with Beth and Kaitlyn was to practice batting the ball away. First we practised balancing the ball on the racquet; then rolling it up & down the racquet in a straight line; then rolling it around the edge of the racquet (video below).
Then we played our version of cricket where everyone took turns to bat or flip the ball away then run between the bases while the fielders returned the ball to the coach (an example is on the 2nd video). Everyone tried really hard and had a great afternoon of PE. Thanks to Beth and Kaitlyn for a great series of lessons.
And finally it only remains to say have a great half term holiday next week. If you do anything exciting or different then please do feel free to drop us a picture on dojo or send a little hello to Watergate Bear and we can share it with everyone when we return refreshed & eager to get going again on Monday 4th June.
See you then!