Week ending 24th November 2017

This week we have been learning about doubling and halving. We have used our fluency learning to show doubles and halves with different types of equipment including blocks, painting and with pictures. We know that doubling and halving are opposites. We revised our odd and even numbers  and learnt that halving and doubling requires two parts that are equal; to make the whole.
We have been practising are Christmas show and have done a super job of remembering lines, songs and dances...we are very excited to be able to share it with you.
We have continued to work on our topic of China. This week we studied Chinese writing and discovered that it is very different from ours.  We discussed the writing differences and then practised writing some meaningful symbols which we displayed as a moon card  to link with the moon festival celebrated in the story of  Lin Yi's lantern. 
This week we also finished our modelled writing, using our own ideas, based on the story of Lin Yi. It was a long piece of work and we had to try really hard to remember how to form letters, where they sit and how words together can form sentences- we wrote 5 paragraphs!
We  felt very proud of ourselves when we had finished and reflected now on what our writing targets are- we have displayed them to help us.
We continued to investigate Materials in Science. We tested whether different materials with different properties could change under a force. We investigated if each material would stretch, bend, twist or squash. We predicted the results and discussed our findings afterwards-We liked breaking the sticks- which definitely did not bend!
Next week we have a surprise... we are going to experience tasting some Chinese food!
Photos to follow!