week ending 24.11.18

Well done to Annabel and Ariele for their dojo certificates.
We have been doing lots of singing and play rehearsal this week making sure that we are ready for our Christmas show. Please support your children in learning their lines for next week, we can see that some children have been working really hard already!
This week we have had lots of practical learning in maths looking at and learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have even been making our own 3D shapes form straws and sticks. We have finished the week by creating picograms to show our favourite colours, our eye colour and organising dinosaurs in the class. See the photos below.
In literacy we have been re-writing the story of How the World Began by adding in our own ideas and details with fantastic results. Some children then started writing and illustrating their own book too. 
In geography we have been making our journey lines deciding the route that we would take travelling around the world. Thank you to Ray for bringing in his interactive globe too which we have had a look at this week, it had a great continents and oceans quiz testing our learning!
For science we have been thinking about what kind of materials to use for different things and what makes them suitable, the children have been looking around the classroom naming properties of different materials too. 
In P.E we were playing team relay games controlling a football by bouncing it around cones then dribbling it around cones - fantastic team spirit in Holywell class!