Big Pedal has started - join in the fun by scooting, skating or walking to school. Let's keep fit and healthy. 25th March - 5th April . Superhero day on Friday 5th April to celebrate our successes. Parents Open Afternoon Thursday 4th April 1.30 -3 pm. Focus on St Columb in our community. Friday 5th April School closes for Easter Holiday at 2pm. No after school club on this day.

Week ending 23rd November 2018

Another busy week in Porth class!
We have had an exciting and rather chilly week. We had a visit from the police yesterday. The children learnt all about how the police keep us safe and what they do to look after us. We looked at some of the tools that they use for their job such as the pepper spray, radio, torch etc. We then had a look at the police van. We talked about the colour and why the reflective parts need to be easily seen at night. We looked at the flashing lights and listened to the siren. We then had the opportunity to sit in the back of the van for a photograph. 
We finished our Diva lamps this week by decorating them with glitter. We will light the candles next week when they are dry. 
In Maths we have been learning to add one more and two more. We used our counting on skills to help us with this. We then looked at a formal number story and learnt what the symbol + and = mean. 
We have finished our phonics assessments and the children have made really good progress. We will look at these and split the children into groups for next week. The children were all very keen to write their own green words like we have in our phonics lessons. They then used these to role play schools, taking it in turns to be the teacher 
Thank you to all those parents who came for parents evenings. They were all very positive meetings and it was great to see so many of you attending.