Week ending 23rd March 2018

We have had another busy week in Porthcothan with lots of charity fundraising events; Down Syndrome awareness day and Comic relief. 
On Friday, we came to school in our sports clothes and donated money to sport relief- we discovered what Comic relief is and how it helps people around the world. We learnt about a girl called Precious who was shy and unhappy but with the involvement of Sport relief and the chance to skateboard with new people that became friends, she has become more confident and happy.
We discussed the sports that make us feel confident and happy and then drew a picture and wrote sentences to explain them further.
Continuing our learning about how to stay safe, we learnt about road safety.
The children practised looking left,right and left again before crossing the road. They learnt about the role of a lollipop lady/man and how they can help keep us safe when crossing the road. We discussed that we would need to cross the roads with a grown up and not on our own.