In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Week Ending 22nd June 2018

Another week done & with Thursday having been the summer solstice the nights start drawing in from now & we start the headlong hurtle back to winter & longer nights/shorter days...or something more sunny and joyful!
Talking of which...Tuesday was Watergate's turn to go to Mrs Retallick's farm. It was a great adventure going on the bus and seeing all the equipment & animals. It was very informative too and great to get out and about. Surprisingly, or perhaps not to those who know 5 year olds well, they were most fascinated by the dead mole on the walk back to the bus! Though there are no pictures of that below!!
Thank you to: Mr & Mrs Retallick for allowing us onto their farm; Mr Baker for driving us there & back; and Mrs Mace, Mrs Offland & Mrs Chappell for accompanying us.
We have been busy in class with lots of aspects of reading. Children have undertaken a guided reading session working in groups on the same book sharing together. It has been good to see how much progress all the children have made over the year (or for me to see from January) so far. Sharing the reading books at home really helps the children to make even greater progress.
We had to pause our completion of the 'What Goldilocks Did Next' story so we'll come back to that next week.
We have been looking at problem solving in maths, trying to answer questions about numbers and shapes, space & measures that require some thinking about and using the knowledge we have learnt in different ways. It was hard but good. Again, great to see the progress that's been made.
Outside there has been lots of activities going on including bubble blowing - what fun!
And as the cloud & mizzle cleared for the Summer Solstice we decided to spend some time outdoors, not at Stonehenge but doing PE on the field. And a great time was had by all!