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Week ending 2.2.18

Well done to Ella and Jamie for their DOJO certificates.
This week we have been finishing our story of How to Hide a Lion and we have now moved onto creating animal fact files. We have been discussing the animals that we have seen in the circus video that we have watched and then we have based our research and questioning on the animals. We have been coming up with sub headings and questions ready to look for answers using the internet next week.
In maths we have been working on fractions - dividing shapes in halves and quarters and then moving onto dividing quantities into halves, quarters and thirds. We have been doing this on whitebaords and also using resources from around the class room.
Following our walk around the school a couple of weeks ago to see what we like and what we think could be improved, we have been writing letters to Miss Cameron to share our ideas.
In science we have been learning more about animal survival and talking about what animals, including humans, need to survive. We have been using some of science knowledge in our fact files too. 
To end our week we have dressed up for numbers day and donated money to the NSPCC. What amazing costumes and ideas we have seen. We've continued our normal maths learning and the this afternoon we have joined up with Fistral to do some maths games and activities outside
Reminders: we break up for half term on Friday 9th February and return Monday 19th January.