Week ending 22.06.18

Well done to Max and Holly for their DOJO certificates.
This week we have been finishing our poetry writing and started looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been reading the story, changing the animals in and coming up with some more interesting language 'WOW' words for the way the animals move and how they feel.
In maths we have been re-visiting position and direction where we have been outside directing each other around the playground and we have also been having a go at estimating the answers to sums and the amount of objects in a picture. 
In art we have been looking at sculpture and Brendan Jamison building with Sugar Cubes. We built sculptures using multilink cubes. 
For ICT we use 2create which allowed us to have a go at making mini presentations. We wrote a sentence about the beach or pirates then drew a picture and added keywords.
In P.E this week we have been practicing for Sports Day and then on Thursday with our coach we have been having a go at cricket which was great fun! We were shown how to hold the bat correctly and we were keeping score of our runs - we could earn 2, 4 or 6 points depending which colour cone we got to.
You will have had a trip letter now for Charlestown which we are very much looking forward to. Please could you send the slips back ASAP.