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Week Ending 21st September 2018

A second busy week in Watergate finished.
Routines and expectations are becoming well embedded now. The children are generally sitting well & quietly during carpet time. They line up and walk to lunch very well - so much so that other staff have commented on our marvellous and quiet line, even awarding us class dojos. We are very proud!
We have all re-told the story of the Three Little Pigs and drawn a picture to illustrate it.
We have started our phonics programme. Hopefully the children are talking about and naming lots of things that begin with 'm', 'a', 's' and 'd' - our sounds so far. We have learnt the rhymes & names to go with each sound and practiced writing the letters. It's been a good start - only 27 to go!
We have sent home a set of the rhymes we use so you can share with your child.
In maths we have been counting and looking at the numbers to 20, trying to remember the 'n' at the end of the teen numbers. We contrasted this with the 10s which we call the 'cup of tea' numbers as they end (mostly) with 'ty'.
We have started to learn a days of the week song to help us with our calendar each morning.
We went to the hall for the first time where the staff were assessing some aspects of physical development. We just took off shoes & socks and jumpers as it wasn't a PE session as such.
We will start PE lessons proper next week when we will attempt the full change! Please can you support your child to get themselves dressed. I know, as a parent, it is tempting to do it for them but practice really does make perfect. And really helps when we have 30 at a time!
And talking of which - can you please teach your child to put their coat on. As winter approaches they will need them more & more often.
PE will take place on Thursday mornings each week - barring unforeseen circumstances. If there were to be any change we will dojo a message to you all.
Have a restful & relaxing weekend and see you all Monday for an exciting & packed third full week.