Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

Week Ending 21st December 2018

So - there we have it! The end of the final week of the first term in school.
It's been a busy term and everyone, including the staff, are exhausted! For the children - they are absolutely ready for a break. Not to mention the excitement of what's coming next week - let's hope everyone's on the 'good' list!
This week has been packed - as ever.
The culmination for everyone was the Christmas Party. They all seemed to enjoy the music and games in the morning. And they all seemed to enjoy the food in the afternoon. It's hard to believe they'd not long had dinner!
But it was a good ending to the term with a good time had by all.
Now, I just hope you all have a good rest over the next two weeks!
And we'll see you all again on Tuesday 8th January.
Have a very Merry Christmas & wishing you all a Happy New Year.