Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week ending 21.9.18

What a week it has been in Fistral! We have been so busy in all aspects of our learning. 
This week in Literacy, we have been writing our versions of the class story 'Funnybones - The Pet Shop'. We changed the animals in our story because they were just so annoying. We learnt how inverted commas (Speech marks) and where we use them in our writing. Our class target is to spell words that try to trick us properly. When we spot one in our writing we say 'You can't trick me!' and try to remember which is the part that doesn't make sense. This week we have focussed on said, they, what and does. Help us practice spelling these words at home. 
In Maths, we have been continuing our work on place value looking at the tens and ones, ordering numbers and using the greater than > and less than sign <.
We'll be venturing outside with Holywell class for some  outdoor Maths activities next week.
In our topic lessons we have been exploring and finding out more about rainforests and the animals that live there. We had a great ICT lesson, where we created Nocturnal animal pictures using the 2simple2paint programme. Swimming was great fun this week, we are learning lots of new skills and our confidence in the water is growing rapidly. 
You should have had a trip letter home, please send the slip back by Wednesday next week to say if you are happy to pay. We can the complete the organisation of the trip and get payment letters out to you.
Wow words of the week- because, behind, both, break & busy.
Please help us learn these words at home. 
Well done Ayaan and Matilda who are our new school council representatives. 
Dojo certificate winners - Arthur and Laura for Wisdom