Reception Graduation Wednesday 24th July 9am..............Year 6 Graduation Thursday 25th July 9 am.............Last Day of term Thursday 25th July 2 pm.

Week ending 21.9.18

Firstly well done to Corey B and Noah for their excellent effort in writing.
We've  been super busy this week writing up our Funny Bones story with our own animal ideas and why the animal is annoying so must be swapped! We've had some excellent ideas and brilliant use of inverted commas to show speech which we've made an action for which  is to 'hug the speech'. 
In maths we have been continuing our work on place value looking at the tens and ones, ordering numbers and using the greater than < and less than sign <.
We'll be venturing outside with Fistral for some maths next week.
In P.E we have been jumping off benches in different ways. 
On Thursday we voted for our  new student Councillors to represent Holywell class. We had lots of children who wanted to do the job so the fairest way was to vote. Jack and Lowen were voted in by the class doing a blind vote. 
IN our topic lessons we have been exploring and finding out more about Nocturnal animals and where they live. We have also been exploring the rain forest which we are looking forward to exploring more next week.
You should have had a trip letter home, please send the slip back by Wednesday next week to say if you are happy to pay then we can complete organising the trip and get payment letters out to you.