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Week Ending 21.9.18

Another fun and packed week. 
This week in Literacy we have been creating a shared write about the life of St Piran. The children have produced some super writing. They have learnt lots about St Piran and have worked hard to improve the quality of their sentences.
In Maths we have used Place Value counters and Base 10 materials to help develop our understanding of addition. Next week we will be learning more about the written methods.
In our topic we have been on a rock hunt. I was impressed by the number of terms the children had remembered from the week before including Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous. This week we looked at the properties of rocks and how this affected what we can use them for. The key scientific terms we learnt were permeable and impermeable. This has linked well to the work on Skara Brae, a Stone age settlement in the Orkney Isles. The children looked at how archaeologists use evidence like detectives to try and work out how people in the past lived.
In PE we have carried on learning about netball and tag rugby.
Have a great weekend and keep reading.
Mr Osborne 
Dojo Pupils of the Week.
Harrison and Jason