In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

week ending 20.10.17

WOW! What a fantastic day we had doing our Superhero training this week! (below is written together with the children)
We had many different superheroes turn up for their day of super training in Year 2 which started at 9:25am lasting all day. We started with a big superhero group photo.
Holywell and Fistral were mixed up in groups in their their classes.
We had lots of fun making dolly peg superheores, then we made masks which we put sparkles on and coloured them with pens - they were very beautiful. We made shields of all different shapes including triangles, Ws, Icecream cone shapes and diamonds. 
For fantastic photos we were flying across buildings and also climbing up buildings too!
After our superhero energy lunch we made superhero scenes in a box - you can see some photos below.
To finish our training we made some gloop which starts as a solid but when picked up turns into a liquid - it's fantastic, sticky and slimy! 
We then had superhero races of iron man against iron man, batman against batman/batgirls and all sorts of other races of superheroes against their friends. After that we played a game of Jack Frost and we all received a certificate at the end of the day to say we had completed our superhero training! Hip hip hooray!
Have a very happy, restful half term and we shall return on the 30th October refreshed ready for the 2nd half of Autumn term.
Also a reminder about the Nativity Play - Tuesday 12th December 2pm.