Week ending 1st December 2017

We had an exciting surprise in Porthcothan Class this week. The children have been studying China in Geography and had the opportunity to try a selection of Chinese foods from Sun House. The class were very enthusiastic and intrigued at the different types of food-Some were even asking for more. They talked about how the food we tried appeared in the story they have been writing.
In Science this week, we were exploring how materials can be changed by different forces; we looked at how water can change some materials. Our learning focus was to understand the meaning of 'absorbent' is and what materials soak up water and which don't. We discussed different materials and their properties and then wrote 3 materials that we learnt are absorbent. Next week, we will be testing ourselves to see if the materials we believe to be absorbent are.
On Friday, we were lucky to have some parents join us for Christmas tree decorations and activities. The children made and decorated a clay star with metallic paints, glitter (lots of glitter!) and stickers.It was great to have the opportunity to share the learning and time in school. As soon as the decorations are dry we will look forward to decorating the school tree and our class room.
Next week, we will be starting to write descriptively about Winter and investigate clocks and how they help up tell the time.