EYFS new parents meeting today, 11th June, at 2:30pm and 5pm BNF Healthy Eating Week 10th June. We will be teaching children about importance of healthy eating. Year 1 (and 2 retakes) will be completing their phonics screening during the week of 10th June. Friday 14th June Non uniform day in exchange for any unwanted gifts.

Week ending 19.10.18

What a fantastic end to half term we have had in Holywell!
Well done to Corey F and Reuben for their DOJO certificates this week.
We have had such a brilliant week doing many different activities for active week. On Monday we had a visit from Paralympic athlete Melissa Reid who told us all about her career and how she competes in the triathalon being partially sighted. It was extremely interesting to hear her story and about the shortage  of guides in Cornwall to support Paralympic athletes so that they are able to compete for our Country. We were privileged to be able to hold Melissa's bronze medal which she won at the 2016 Rio Paralympic games. 
On Tuesday we saw some hidden talents in Holywell in the form of Dance! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much and showing off their dancing skills. We tried out some balances and then learnt and 8 step dance which we then performed to each other. 
In the afternoon we were shown the Paralympic sport Boccia (Bo-chwa). We sat in chairs to play it as the athletes competing would be in wheel chairs. We showed some good team spirit and supported each other incredibly well. 
On Wednesday we welcomed in our parents to join us in the afternoon. We got crafty and made an actual lunchbox which we had designed on Tuesday. We also  had to make the food  to go in our lunchboxes carrying on our healthy choices we had talked about in literacy previously. We had some very creative, unique designs and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much. 
To finish our week we had a visit from Caroline who works for Tesco, she talked to us about sugar content and healthy choices then we had a go at using the Sugar Smart app on the ipads to scan our food and see how many sugar cubes are in a recommended serving of food. You can try this at home too, it's eye-opening how much is in some of our 'healthy' choices!
We also looked at the sugar in drinks and measured it out - you can see this in our cloakroom.
In the afternoon it was the moment we had been waiting for...
Skate boarding!! We've  been so excited ALL week about skateboarding. We were shown how to jump on to the board forward and backwards without it rolling off and then we had a go at skating being pulled along by our friends, some of us were even brave enough to let go!
Thank you for joining us on Wednesday, we hope you enjoyed it and have liked hearing about our week as much as we enjoyed doing the activities. Happy half term. We'll see you back on Tuesday the 30th October.
Check out our active photos below!