Week ending 18th May 2018

What a week we have had!
In literacy this week we have been reflecting and explaining what our writing needs to be able to be enjoyed and read by others and how to give it the WOW! factor. We have been creating our story which has a problem but that becomes all fine in the end.
In Maths we have been learning about multiplication (lots of) and division (sharing). We have learnt how to use arrays and parts to help us find groups of equal values and to share them out in to different equal parts.
In Topic, we discussed the value of kindness; what it looks like, how we can show it and how it makes us feel receiving it. As a class we are going to create a kindness tree which will start as a very bare tree but through our acts of kindness, we will create a tree full of bloom by recording each kind choice.
Continuing our geography learning about Africa, we learnt about famous people like Nelson Mandela and Mo Farah as well as the climate, landmarks, artwork and animals. We took our learning outside to create Africa themed collages in small groups.
Our week ended with oozing enthusiasm and excitement as we went on a coach to Porthcothan beach- the first trip for Porthcothan class! We had a fantastic beach exploring the materials that we could find, the things we could see in the sea, the feeling of sand between our toes and the games we could create. We gathered our findings from the beach and recorded them creating beautiful beach art.
Building on our learning of the senses, we shared adjectives about what we could feel, hear, see, taste (ice-cream) and smell.
The children did St. Columb Major proud; they were polite, kind, enthusiastic and engaged with their beach  'classroom'.
Thank you to Mrs Hodd, Mrs Mays, Mrs Parkyn, Mrs Green and Mrs Mace for joining and helping to make our day really valuable.