Week Ending 18th May 2018

Another busy week in Watergate culminating in the tea party Friday afternoon for the royal wedding.
We have been busy writing about 'The Little Red Hen'. We have looked at story structure - the beginning, middle and end - and have written sentences for each section. It was hard work! but some great work was produced so well done all.
Maths has been lots of addition and some subtraction. We have worked out the total of two separate amounts added together by counting on. This culminated with everybody recording numbers & number sentences in their maths books. The children did mostly pretty well but we will be practising more over the coming weeks.
Lots of children have been choosing to independently make number sentences with 2 dice. They've done this really well.
Outside there was a continuation of the capacity from last week. Children were measuring and mixing, some making potions!
Our coached PE this week, again with Beth and Kaitlyn, started with a follow the leader who had the ball, then having to catch the one with the ball by touching their shoulder (video below).
Then there was a step up to the throw & run game from last week. This time the children could choose to use a  racquet to 'bat' 3 balls away, then run between home (the cricket stumps) and a yellow cone.
(2 videos below, one of the 3rd ball being batted away by Ava & her running and the second of Finn batting all 3 balls & running.)
After this part of the game the children threw or batted just one ball away then ran - all preparation for next time just batting & eventually a game of cricket. Fielding practice next time, too!
We baked & iced fairy cakes for our tea party for Friday afternoon. They were decorated red, white and blue for both sides of the wedding. Everybody had a great time eating their cake & waving their flag!