Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week ending 18.10.18

We have had the best week in Fistral focussing all our attentions on being healthy and active. 
On Monday we had the great honour of meeting Paralympic athlete Melissa Reid, who talked to us about her sight impairment and she uses guides to help her complete her triathlons.
We have tried a number of different activities including yoga, boccia and skateboarding. We have learnt about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy & active. We enjoyed using cosmic yoga to relax and concentrate on calm thoughts. In our forest school session, we used nature to help improve our memories- we had to listen carefully to a list of things to find and searched the area to discover them. We played a game where we had to find 5 different items, line them up, then remove one. We had to guess which one was missing. It was lots of fun!
We were lucky enough to have a visit from Caroline, an education officer from Tesco's, who came to speak to us about how to be sugar smart. We used the sugar smart app to find out how many cubes of sugar different types of food contain. We were shocked by what we found out. We then went on to look at how many teaspoons of sugar were in some popular drinks. Did you know there is at least 33 teaspoons for sugar in a 2l bottle of Coca-Cola?
Skateboarding was great fun, once we got all the safety kit on, there was no stopping us. Sam our instructor taught us how to jump on and off the board safely and then we worked as teams to pull each other along. Determination and perseverance was shown by all the children throughout the session. 
We finished the week with the Halloween Disco. Everyone who attended had great fun. 
Next term our topic will be 'The Great Fire of London'. We have one final swimming session on the first Friday back  (2nd November). 
On Tuesday afternoons - groups of children will be heading over to Forest School with Miss Small. You should have received a letter stating the sessions your child will be attending. There are 3 dates in total. 
Have a great holiday and we'll see you on Tuesday 30th October.
Mrs Milsom & Mrs Blown