St Columb Major Academy is now open for Keyworker and vulnerable children

Week ending 17th November 2017

Congratulations to Molly and Chris who were awarded Dojo certificates this week for wisdom in their maths learning. 
In Literacy we have been making changes to our class story 'How the world was made'. Our grammar focus has been based around adding the suffix 'ed' to change our words into the past tense. See the video link below which explains how we teach this concept. 
Maths has been very practical this week. We have been using money to give change and trying to make different totals in a variety of ways. We finished the week working on our understanding of time. We recapped o'clock and half past and secured our knowledge of quarter past and quarter to. We even went on to learn about the five minutes intervals and how to show them on our clocks!
All children have been allocated a role in the Christmas Production of 'Away WITH the manger'. Please check their book bags for their lines and help them learn them as regularly as possible. 
A letter about costume requirements will be sent out next week. 
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