Reception Graduation Wednesday 24th July 9am..............Year 6 Graduation Thursday 25th July 9 am.............Last Day of term Thursday 25th July 2 pm.

Week ending 16th November 2018

This week in Porthcothan we have learnt and discussed many events taking place across the whole of the country. 
On Monday we learnt about Remembrance day and shared our thanks to the people involved in war; past and present, by writing them a letter. We also created our own finger print Poppy.
We also thought about kindness and how it is important to be kind to our self as well as others. We discussed that what we think and say about our self will have an impact on our mindset and well being. 
We were able to discuss and record what being kind looks like. We have agreed as a class to try to be as kind as we can- we are going to have a kindness wall to celebrate each kind deed that we do, at home and at school.
In literacy this week we have been focusing on letter formation, suffixes and plurals. We practising doing something and then identified how to say we had done it in the past e.g 'we were jumping' becomes 'we jumped' using the suffix -ed. We learnt that one thing is known as singular and that more than one thing is plural. Plurals can be written with -s or -es depending how the root word ends. 
In Science, we have begun to explore seasons in more depth. We have recorded what we know already and have asked and written questions that we want to learn the answers to.
On Friday, we raised money for children in need. We learnt that people in this country and around the world can have challenging times in their lives which can make things very difficult for them. Children in need is a charity which aims to raise money by doing fun things to help those in need.
As December is quickly approaching, we have started to learn songs for a Christmas show- we are very excited!