EYFS new parents meeting today, 11th June, at 2:30pm and 5pm BNF Healthy Eating Week 10th June. We will be teaching children about importance of healthy eating. Year 1 (and 2 retakes) will be completing their phonics screening during the week of 10th June. Friday 14th June Non uniform day in exchange for any unwanted gifts.

Week Ending 16th November 2018

Another full week ends in Watergate.
We have finished Set 1 of the Read Write Inc phonics - hurrah!
So all 31 sounds covered - now comes the real test about remembering and using them in our reading & writing.
Please feel free to look back at the dojo I sent about how we use the sounds to blend and segment and practice at home.
On Monday we talked about Remembrance Day and watched a short CBeebies film which explained things in simple terms.
Thursday was 'odd socks day' when we concentrated on Anti Bullying. We shared 2 stories - 'The Terrible Troublesome Troll' and 'The Last Noo-noo'.
And Friday was Spots Day for Children in Need. What a spotty class we had!
Maths this week has been lots of counting and matching the numeral to a set & vice versa. We counted all sorts of things including objects, actions & even noises - sell, some noises anyway! We then matched the correct numeral to these sets. One activity was being given a number then finding that many things. That was really good fun!
We have made our divas ready to be decorated. Lots of manipulation of salt dough which is now (hopefully!) drying over the weekend all ready for next week. Prepare for the glitter!