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Week Ending 16th March 2018

A busy week in Watergate done!
We started and have had great fun with some growing experiments. We sowed cress seeds to see what conditions are needed for plants to grow. We think they need water, light and warmth. Predictions have been recorded of what the children think will happen. We will be keeping an eye, will record what actually happens and report back.
We made observed drawings and paintings of flowers and plants. we did some inside and some outside. We talked a lot about spring flowers and especially daffodils.
In maths we have been examining pairs of numbers that make 5 and 10. There have been lots of practical activities using lots of resources as a class and explored individually. Finally, some examples have been recorded in our maths books.
We have set up a shop in the role play area, a general store - think 'Open All Hours' with Arkwright being played by...(insert which class adult you think here)! The children have loved going in and shopping almost as much as being the shopkeeper who gets to wear a special apron. They have used lots of shopping language between shoppers as well as to the shopkeeper. Maths (i.e. money) has been much discussed. Using the phone to discuss remote ordering with (unseen) customers has been surprisingly popular.
We had a special discussion session on how we keep safe in school. We discussed how we are safe, who helps us stay safe and what to do & who to see if we were to feel unsafe. I think the general consensus was that we all are, and feel, safe.
PE was an advancement of our catching and throwing skills. We moved on to beanbags which ended up with lots of one handed catches - easier to do than with balls. Video below. Some then moved on to using small balls but this was MUCH more difficult to control!
We always start and finish PE with a warm up/cool down movement around the hall. This involves going round in a large circle using different movements - walking, jumping, jogging, hopping and skipping. A short video is below of some 'fast skipping'.