In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Week Ending 15th June 2018

Another packed week in Watergate.
We have been doing more writing, practising sentences and using our phonics to write words. Most children wrote the middle of their 'What Goldilocks Did Next' story. They are doing really well. And they are really keen to keep writing words and sentences - they have been doing so independently in all sorts of places and media.
We have also been practising the formation of capital letters. These are important as every sentence starts with one.
*Next week we will send home 2 sheets - one for letter formation, upper & lower case, and one for number formation practice.
Maths has been doubling & writing numbers, both in number sentences and practising writing numerals with the correct formation. We will be looking more at this over the coming weeks.
We've been outside quite a lot as it's been such lovely weather - reading; writing; observed drawing; and generally having fun!
PE was over in the big field again, this time with footballs. The children practised kicking to each other then into a 'goal'. Early days, I know, but from most of the children the England team have nothing to worry about competition wise - though I'm not sure that's saying much?!
And we made a Father's Day card - so Happy Father's Day to all of those out there!