Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

Week Ending 14th December 2018

A really busy penultimate week in Watergate. And some amazing results too.
A performance practice Monday followed by a dress rehearsal Tuesday.
Then Wednesday came! Thank you to all those who were able to come to watch the Nativity performance. Weren't they all amazing! They knew where they had to go & when; those with lines said them clearly; and they all sang up really well. We were very proud of them.
Thanks go to Mrs Hatton without whom Watergate would not have been anywhere near as good as they were on the night. Well, afternoon - but you know what I mean!
It's been pretty Christmassy all round, really. We've had lots of Christmas songs, rhymes, poems & stories, as well as THE Christmas story, of course.
Everyone wrote a letter to Father Christmas as our literacy focused task this week. If what they've written in them is anything like what they've written in their actual letters to him, then Father Christmas is going to need a new mortgage to pay for all the presents he'll be bringing in 11 days (not that anyone's counting in Watergate!). And that's before the staff have got their orders in!
Even our maths number & amount recording has been Christmas based! We have got to the number 8 now and everyone had to draw 8 Christmas 'things'. There were some really lovely ideas - lights; baubles; trees; candy canes; stockings; a manger.
And of course we had our Christmas dinner on Wednesday. I think everyone enjoyed it, though I'm not sure the cracker jokes were all completely understood - I had to explain quite a few to Mrs Hatton!