Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week ending 14.9.18

We have had a busy and tiring first full week back. The childrenhave been working extremely hard in their literacy and maths. I'vegiven out lots of praise notes to the children this week which willbe continuing throughout the year.

Well done to Corey D and Lowen for their DOJO certificates thisweek.

We are using the Funny Bones story The Pet Shop in our literacywriting and we have been been planning this week to change thestory slightly to make it our own. Do ask the children to performthe story for you!
In maths we have been recapping and learning place value,partitioning our tens and ones and placing numbers on thenumber line as well as ordering our numbers. There was greatteamwork today when they had to order themselves!

In science we have been looking at whether objects are living,dead or never alive and deciding if objects have lived oncebefore, for example paper used to live as it comes from trees!

In DT we are thinking about animals and where they live, we willbe designing homes for them next week. We have been thinkingabout the woodland and animals too in Geography, next weekwe'll be exploring the rainforest!

Thank you for coming to the welcome meeting this week, it hasbeen great meeting you all.

Have a lovely weekend.