EYFS new parents meeting today, 11th June, at 2:30pm and 5pm BNF Healthy Eating Week 10th June. We will be teaching children about importance of healthy eating. Year 1 (and 2 retakes) will be completing their phonics screening during the week of 10th June. Friday 14th June Non uniform day in exchange for any unwanted gifts.

Week ending 14.12.18

Well done to the whole of Holywell and Fistral for a fantastic Christmas play performance this week. We all worked very hard and hope you enjoyed the performance. 
In in literacy this week we have been planning and writing our own Christmas calamity story with our own character, setting and incidents. Mrs Dalton is looking forward to reading them. Our stamina for writing is really building, lots of us wrote over a page! 
For or maths we have been look at data linked to Christmas of course! We have been voting for presents then creating a pictograph with our results and then we counted presents and made bar graphs with our results. We have finished the week by doing some mastery reasoning and problem solving questions to build up our skills.
In science we made some boats then tested them to see if they floated, we did a simple cardboard design and then added bits to make them our own. We then put them in water for 30 seconds and if they did float some of us put lego in them to see how much they could take before they sank.
With Mrs Kent we wrote about how we celebrate Christmas with our families after reading about how others celebrate Christmas. We continued our computer art by creating pictures inspired by the artist Mondrian.
Next week is our final four days! Everyone has worked so hard this half term, well done - the end is in sight and you can have a rest! On Wednesday we will be having a Christmas party in the afternoon, please could you bring a little something savoury to share (only little as lunch will have been not long before). We will have some music and some games!
End of term is Thursday at 2pm!