Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

Week ending 12th October 2018

On Monday afternoon we walked down to church to celebrate Harvest festival. As a year group we performed 'Autumn days', 'Cauliflower fluffy' and 'Tasty food' songs. We shared what we know about Harvest in the form of an acrostic poem and loved every minute of it!
It was wonderful to have fantastic parent support, for us to perform to.
In Literacy this week have been working hard to use our sounds so that we can read and enjoy our writing. We became reporters this week and has daily staff meetings and received money from our dojo currency for super ideas, letter formation and effort. The Newspaper reports have now gone to print and share interesting facts about Florence Nightingale; her family, work and success.
In maths we have been adding. We used the part-part-whole method to support us as well as choosing cubes, dienes, bead strings, pictures and leaves to help us. We took our learning outside to create two parts and then add them together to find the whole. We then wrote the value of each part using numerals as well as maths symbols (+ and =) to write the maths stories.
On Friday we became detectives and had to reason if a statement was true or false. We also had to spot the odd one out from a collection of values. We are working on being able to explain how we know and prove each other right or wrong.
On Wednesday, we focused our learning on our health. We discussed that our mental health and our physical health work together to keep us healthy. We discussed different types of feelings and thought about what makes us feel positive or negative. We went on to decide on activities and/or people that can help our metal health:
"Mummy makes me feel happy" Lewis
"I love to do Gymnastics" Grace
"Yoga makes me feel calm and happy" Marley 
"I like to play with my friends" Emily
Together, we took took some time out to be 'mindful' of ourselves. We tried to focus on our breathing, our movements, temperature and our emotions. 
Next week, during healthy active week, we are excited to continue exploring how to keep healthy for our mind and bodies.
In Science, we developed our understanding of everyday materials and explored which materials are natural and which are made by people. We discovered that some materials are natural but that they become man-made when people use them in different ways. We thought about trees and how the wood can be used for all sorts of things to help us; paper, houses, benches, gates etc.
Healthy and Active week
We are very excited for our healthy and active week, next week, whereby we will have some exciting coaches and visitors helping to provide exciting cross-curricular sporting activities.
Be sure to check out next weeks blog for information and pictures!