Day of Action for Climate Change Parents and pupils may be aware that Friday 20th September will mark another day of global action and protest, to raise awareness and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding global Climate Change. Kernow Learning Trust recognises the vital importance of educating our pupils about the developing climate emergency, and have committed as a Trust to ensuring that all of our schools work to ensure that our pupils know that they are Global Citizens with a responsibility for our global environment. Every school in the Trust has a ‘Global Learning’ Leader and all schools are currently engaging in training to deliver ‘Global Learning’ to their staff. We cannot encourage pupils to be absent from school on this Friday, due to our duty of care for our pupils, but we have decided to enable pupils to show their solidarity with the Climate Change movement through a series of initiatives in our schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Our schools will teach more about the challenges that we face through issues such as plastic pollution, recycling and saving energy. We are very proud to have Eden as a member of our Trust and so consideration of the challenges that will face our children’s generation, and how they can influence future developments through their actions is never far from our Trust discussions.

Week Ending 12th October 2018

And another busy week in Watergate draws to a close.
In phonics this week we have learnt: 'f', 'e', 'l' and 'h'. Well on the way to learning how to write 'Fel'stead there!
One of our focused tasks this week was writing about the book we had read 'Cat on the Mat' by Brian Wildsmith. The children tried hard to use their sounds to write 'cat' or 'dog' and some even managed the whole first sentence where 'the cat sat on the mat'. It may not sound exciting but we have learnt that 'the' is a red word we just have to learn how to write whilst we can use the sounds we now know to write all the other words. The children did really well, all trying their best.
We are continuing our Autumn theme, creating more things to add to our display. This week we have all been making a wild animal that might be found around us, especially in woodland. We have some amazing examples that will join our Autumn tree where they will nestle & hide in the fallen leaves. (if you can make it in Wednesday afternoon you'll see what I mean!).
In maths (it all gets a little Sesame Street now!) we have been learning the names of and all about the 4 basic 2D shapes; practicing and learning positional language; and, whilst still counting and tracking numbers to 10 & 20, concentrating on facts about and how to form the number 2.
In PE we continued our dance sessions moving to music, this week with added ribbons. It was really good to see everybody moving and trying to interpret the music in whirling, twirling movements.
Although we never went to the church for the Harvest Festival, in school we learnt about harvest, which tied in with our Autumn topic, and saying Thank You. We sang the song we have been learning over the last few weeks in assembly - Autumn Days. And on Friday we harvested apples from the EYFS apple tree & tasted them!
(There are pictures of this on our Autumn display.)
For World Mental Health Day we did some Cosmic Yoga. This concentrated on being quiet and peaceful, sitting comfortably and using 'listening superpowers' to hear the sound of a chime completely fade away. These are activities designed to help our minds stay healthy and happy, just as our physical activities help our bodies stay healthy.
The children were amazing - now we know just how quiet they CAN be!
Have a good weekend and see those of you who can join us next Wednesday afternoon - see dojo message!