Week ending 12th January 2018

Welcome back everyone! Our topic this term is Tudor explorers and the children will be learning about the life and adventures of Sir Francis Drake.  The children are very enthusiastic and so far they have researched some information.  They have also started work towards a Tudor portrait and looked at Elizabeth 1st, a key player in Tudor exploration, creating a mind map of significant events in her life.


This week in Towan the children have been storytelling a biography of Usain Bolt and have been working hard to come up with actions.  They have also created their own story map to help them learn the text.


In Maths they have been learning about negative numbers and beginning to apply these to real life problems.


In PE the children have worked on their passing and dribbling skills in football and in gymnastics have worked in groups to create different balances using different points of contact with the floor.