Week ending 11th May 2018

Heroes topic day!
On Friday 11th May, Year 1 came to school dressed as someone they think is a hero. We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and how she is a hero in history. Our topic day was to explore the local heroes that we have around us today; Paramedics, Firefighters and the Police. 
We started the day by sharing who our hero is and why we think they deserve to be called a hero- we had, doctors, nurses, policemen and women, a palaeontologist, armed forces and some superheroes too.  Miss Rowe-Best spoke about why she thinks her mum is a hero and Mrs Hodd shared that her Dad, as a former policeman and her mum, as a former nurse, are her heroes.
We were very fortunate to have hero visitors throughout the day to help teach us about the job and role as a paramedic. firefighter and police.We learnt about what they wear, what they use to help them, how to contact them, when to contact them and that they all help to keep us safe.
As a class we recorded our learning throughout the day, taking the opportunity to share new learning with each other. We were amazed by the job of the local heroes and are very excited to be offered another visit with the police, with their police car and bike after half term.
Thank you to Neil Lentern for sharing his knowledge as a paramedic, Sarah White from Cornwall Fire and Rescue and Al, Anita and Malcolm from St Columb Major Police station. Your involvement and support is really appreciated.