Week ending 11.5.18

We are incredibly proud of Holywell this week, they have shown fantastic resilience and perseverance whilst completing their first four SATs papers. A huge well done to all!
Our DOJO certificate was for the whole class this week.
In the afternoons we have had some more practical and relaxed lessons to give our brains a bit of  a rest. We have made a lunch box for Pirate Paddy to hold his lunch and protect it. We worked as teams sharing our ideas and then on Thursday we tested each lunch box to see if it fit Pirate Paddy's criteria. Finley helped test them as he was impartial having not had chance to make his yet. He did a superb job!
We have not got any SATs next week as it is Year 6's turn.
We will continue with ours on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May, please make sure children are in school and prompt so there is no disruption with children arriving late and delaying the papers. 
In Maths we made a giant clock with cubes to show the 5 minute intervals and worked on showing our to and past times.