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Week ending 10th November 2017

This week we have been learning a new story called 'Lin Yi's Lantern' which is set in China. We have discussed what China is and where it is.We compared the size of the United Kingdom with China and thought about how we could travel there.We have learnt about different food, celebrations and ways of life in China and compared them to our own.
We have been using actions to help learn the events in the story.
Have a look at the video of us practising the story, on class Dojo.
Next week we are going to become authors by using our own ideas to change parts of the story as we know it.

This week in maths we have been learning about shapes-2d and 3d.
We explored the properties of shapes, commenting on how many sides, corners,faces or edges they have.  We drew houses and robots using only triangles and rectangles, we tried hard to draw straight lines using a ruler.
We used 3D shapes to try and build tall towers with and then evaluated which shapes made the towers most successful. We discovered that shapes with a flat face were the best for building; a sphere kept moving!
To end the week, we worked in teams to search high and low for a 2d and a 3d shape, it was a challenge for each team to be able to name the shapes.
On Friday afternoon, we took some time to reflect on our own learning this week and some children shared what they felt they have improved at this week...have a look at the videos.
We also created Poppies to mark Remembrance day.