Big Pedal has started - join in the fun by scooting, skating or walking to school. Let's keep fit and healthy. 25th March - 5th April . Superhero day on Friday 5th April to celebrate our successes. Parents Open Afternoon Thursday 4th April 1.30 -3 pm. Focus on St Columb in our community. Friday 5th April School closes for Easter Holiday at 2pm. No after school club on this day.

Week ending 05.10.18

Well done to Ava and Logan for their DOJO certificates this week!

We have been delving into the world of Deadly 60 this weekwatching clips of Steve Backshall and the deadly creatures that heencounters. We been reading fact files and watching videos tolearn more about wild animals and nocturnal animals especiallybats. We have found out some fascinating facts like - Did youknow the smallest bat is a bumble bee bat which is only 4cm long?
We also used our explorer kits that we made whilst we did atreasure hunt around the classroom to find out facts and fill in ourquiz sheets too.

In maths we have been having a go at subtraction - taking away 10from a 2 digit number and solving word problems. We have alsobeen outside exploring shape and pattern in the forest schoolarea.

In science we have been learning about food chains and we cameup with some super food chains of our own!

To end the week we have been talking about what makes a good friend and discussing how we can be kind to each other and how good it feels to give and receive compliments which ended the week on a lovely positive note!

Next week we have our Harvest Festival down at the Church,please join us it starts at 1:30.

Thank you to those who have volunteered for our trip to the Birds of Prey centre, I will be in touch to let you know arrangements if you are needed.

Have a lovely weekend.