Week ending 04.05.2018

Well done to Alfie and Luke for their DOJO Resilience certificates this week!
This week in Literacy we have started work on our story of Kassim and the Greedy Pirate. We have had lots of discussions about the Greedy Captain character and the sea creatures. We have been finding synonyms for the word said to make our writing interesting. We found words such as giggled, screeched, mumbled and shouted. We will be using these in our writing next week.
In Maths we have been revising our subtraction, addition, multiplication and division skills ready for our SATs tests starting next week. To help us please revise column addition and subtraction method at home. There is a poster you can view by clicking the link at the bottom for addition.
In DT we have been look at materials and designing a lunch box that Pirate Paddy would like, we will making them next week in the afternoons after our SATs. If you have any more boxes, plastic containers from fruit, yogurt pots, tubes or bottles please send them in!
In R.E we have been continuing our learning about Sikhism and have made our individual pledges about what we will work hard on for the rest of the school year. 
To finish off our week we had a visit from the RNLI to talk about beach safety. Also thank you to Lydia and Maisie (from Fistral) for telling us all about their May Day traditions in Padstow, it was very interesting and what a fantastic Obby Oss!
Next week we will be starting our SATs testing in Year 2. The children will be kept relaxed and calm and have more practical lessons like Art and DT in the afternoon. We will also have squash and a small sweet treat for afterwards!
On Wednesday we will be completing Reading Paper 1 and SPAG paper 1.
On Thursday we will be completing SPAG Paper 2 and SPAG paper 2 - spelling. 
Please help your children by making sure they have a good sleep and breakfast so they are energised and ready to do their best and show us how great they are (which of course we know already!)