Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week ending16.11.18

Well done to Lila and Molly for their dojo certificates!
This week in literacy we have been writing diary entries as if we were the baker Thomas Farrynor. We've written about each day thinking about what we could see if we were there, what we could hear and smell. We've been writing in 1st person which has been tricky to imagine that they are someone else! 
In maths we have been dividing. We have been dividing into equal groups and dividing by grouping. We will revisit this next half term as it is very tricky!  
We we have been rehearsing our songs for our Christmas play - scripts will be coming home on Monday. The children have selected their own part by voting for two characters they would like to be so they would definitely get one of their selections. 
In our history we have been thinking about our senses to link with our literacy writing as if we were in the GFOL and we have been revisiting magic grandad to learn more about it too.
We've been talking about bullying this week as it is anti bullying week. We've been talking about what bullying actually is - if it happens once by accident it is rude, if it happens on purpose it's rude and if it happens continuously it is bullying. 
We we have finished our week with swimming followed by the Greatest Showman! 
Next  week is Parents evening so there is no after school clubs but external clubs like dance will still be running. If you haven't booked an appointment yet please do so - booking closes Sunday.