Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

w/c Monday 24th September

This week we have been working hard to deliver our first class assembly. We chose to perform our Beowulf story. Children read out aspects of their stories and worked hard to perform together. We saw images of Grendel, the beast and tried to play the movie we had made about our class- unfortunately the technology failed us. So, here is a copy of the class movie for you to see. We have had so many exciting lessons and great moments in Tolcarne already and we have only been in our new class for three weeks.

We have been thinking about different states of matter in Science and have been investigating how materials change by changing the temperature. We remembered a great deal of learning about ice and steam, we could explain the processes of freezing, melting and solidifying and give a selection of examples.
We have moved on to creating our own investigations on different types of chocolate. We designed a fair test that would identify which type of chocolate melted the quickest- white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Some children predicted that the dark chocolate would melt first as it is darker- and darker colours absorb heat while light colours reflect it. Other children predicted the white chocolate would melt first as it was softer and not as hard and 'solid' as the dark chocolate.
Talk to the children and see what they found out and why. Here are some pictures of us testing out our own experiments.