Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

w/c Monday 17th September

This week we have been learning to add and subtract in powers of 10 using an interactive game. Each child made two dice and played in pairs to roll an add/subtract sign and then a number. They had to make the calculation to their given number and whoever had the highest number at the end of five rounds was declared the winner.
The children were very excited to practise their addition and subtraction skills as a game and worked well to achieve the task. Many of them asking to play just one more round to secure their win!
Ask the children how to play it, some of them may have taken their dice home to show you. Why not challenge them to a round yourself!
We have worked on Art and PHSE this week in class to produce a large display in the corridor of our own portraits. The class have used the style of Roy Lichtenstein to create pop art images using a sheet of dots as a frame. It took us much longer than we anticipated but we are very impressed with the result. Drawing and sketching is a skill that our class seem to really excel at  and even those who are not naturally artistic have worked really hard to do their very best.
Have a look at our pictures and the finished display to see our work.