Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

w/c 8th October

Last week Year 5 were dressed as Pop Stars to work on our Music unit, 'Living on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. The children were very excited and spent the day singing the lyrics, performing aspects in different ways and practising singing with the guitar. We practised the rhythm and changed it to fall on different beats. We split the song into different parts and sang in in groups.
We had a visitor arrive from America at lunch time. Amy lives in New Jersey and flew over to talk to us about Bon Jovi. She grew up with his daughter Stephanie. Amy had often visited Bon Jovi's house and could describe his home and the charitable causes he works for in America. It was very exciting!
A group of girls in our class have been very inspired by our Pop Star activities and have made a girl band to learn and perform their favourite songs. They would like you to follow their progress, here is their first song, 'Hold Back The River'. We hope you like it.

We visited the local church on Monday afternoon to celebrate our Harvest Festival. The children had donated gifts of tinned food and dried packets for the food bank in our local area. 
Each class had prepared a short performance to represent their class in the church. Some classes read poems or performed songs. We wrote and performed a Harvest prayer and each group had a section to say. We sang our school Harvest hymn, 'Autumn Days' together.
Rev Helen Baber demonstrated a game of eating sweets on a long spoon and how it was impossible to do unless we helped each other, which is the case with the Harvest.
We continued our RE theme for the week in school looking at the bible. The children watched a bbc bitesize clip to learn about the books contained in the bible and the different types of bible there are and the many languages it has been translated into. 
The class learnt how to reference the books, chapters and verses from the bible and selected the quotes that held most meaning, or captured their attention. 
Many children had never opened a bible to  look through themselves before and were interested and surprised at the contents. Many thought it just held stories about Jesus and liked reading the old testament stories.