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w/c 26th November

We have started looking at a Poetry this week and have been introduced to the American poet Robert  Frost. He wrote a beautiful Winter poem called, 'Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening'.
We have been looking at how his poem was written and listened to it read, we have produced our own story maps to represent the ideas in the poem and have written some poems ourselves. Some of them were extremely good, even though we haven't been taught the poetry writing unit yet so we are very excited to see how our own Winter Poems will look after two weeks of study.
Have a look at the story maps we designed and see if you can link the symbols shown to the verses of Robert Frost's poem. (See links below)
We have started a new topic in Maths too and have been studying 3D shapes. We looked at different types of shapes and their features. We knew many of their names already. We tried making our own nets for these shapes with some mixed results!
We looked at a variety of nets that had already been designed. We tried to guess what kinds of shapes they might be. When we put the nets together we were surprised by the shapes they became. 
Have a look at our photographs. It took some of us quite a long time to create the shapes and lots of patience. We realised very quickly that if were not accurate in our folding or cutting, the shape would not come together quite as well as it should.
We have had a surprise visitor from America this week...Flat Adilyn! 
Adilyn is Bella's cousin who lives in Kansas, America. We learnt about Kansas last week in our Tornado Alley topic. Adilyn wrote to us, sending a photo of herself, flattened for the postbox, just like the famous book Flat Stanley that her class is studying. 
Flat Adilyn has been all around our school on a tour, as if she was on holiday! We now have to send the pictures back to America before the 13th December to ensure her class have all the news from Cornwall. 
It will be very exciting to hear if Flat Adilyn arrives alright and of the stories her class share about where their Flat classmates have been! Have a look at Flat Adilyn and her experiences at our school!