Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

w/c 15th October

We have had an amazing week in school this week. Our focus has been on physical activity and well-being. We have been in Sports clothes all week and have had the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting activities that many of us had never tried before. 
We tried Archery, Tri-Golf and Climbing. Each Sport was a challenge in different ways with children finding it easier or harder than they thought, some stars emerged with children finding talents that they did not know they had.
In Archery, a particular well done to Emma, Lydia, Lily G and Erin who all hit a bulls eye and scored maximum points for their teams.
In Tri Golf we saw good practise from Ella, Bella, Jago and Paul who found some skills in this event.
In climbing we were all astounded by the skill and speed of Amellie's climbing and the instructor commented that  she could make a living out of her talent one day if she followed it outside school. 

We have also been considering how to be healthy with the foods we eat, particularly focusing on the levels of sugar we consume. We all agreed that we were probably eating too much! The recommended daily allowance for children is 6 cubes a day. We learnt that a can of fizzy drink has 12 or more cubes in it. The children were very surprised and shocked. This however, is not as much as a can of tomato soup which has the most sugar of all.
We invited our parents in to tell them what we had learnt. We used the sugar app on the ipads to scan the bar codes of a selection of popular foods and treats. We then piled up the sugar cubes to record our findings and took a selfie of us to air drop to Mrs. Wakefield to record our learning.
We learnt loads and it was so much fun!
The highlight of our week in Year 5 was our inter-class Cross Country Tournament, 'The Holy Grit!' The children had to race a course of obstacles in a circle and continue to do as many laps as they could without stopping. The field was huge and the obstacles were challenging. We never thought anyone would do more than ten laps...but they did!
The race started in groups of 10, over the stepping stones and through the trees. They then went around the zig-zag poles to the three webs tied between the trees, as they came past the checkpoint they had to go under the tarpaulin and had cups of water thrown at them! It was exhausting- and hilarious...
They raced for over 40 minutes with Harry and James battling for the lead. The children were helping each other to keep going, laughing all the way around and counting their laps to make sure we were keeping tabs on their progress. It was all muddy, slippery but beautifully sunny and warm.
In the end, Harry came first with 23 laps, James came second with 22 and Alexa came third with 21. We were so incredibly proud of all the children for their determination, perseverance and team spirit. It was an amazing testament to the overall spirit of  'Healthy Active' week and really showed what the children are truly capable of.
Photos to follow!