Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

w/c 12th November

This week the children have been celebrating all sorts of different events in class. 
On Monday we were thinking about the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1 and what this meant to the people who served our country at that time. Tolcarne watched clips of Spitfire planes and talked about the strategies they used to defeat their enemies. The class were astounded at the total number that died and what this meant for the people who were left behind. We wrote a piece about what this meant to us now and created a display of poppies, 'Lest we Forget.'
On Tuesday we were thinking about World Kindness Day. We discussed what it meant to us when other people were kind. We wrote two things we could do; to be kind to ourselves, to our friends, to our class, at home and how to be kind to the world. It made very interesting reading indeed and the children had really thought about their answers.
On Wednesday we worked on Anti-Bullying and the effects that Bullying has on individuals. We watched a film of a bullying incident and discussed ways in which others could have behaved differently to prevent it from happening. We talked about what it meant to be a by-stander when someone was being bullied and the courage it takes to stand up for others.
On Thursday we learnt all about the city of Chicago in America. We used Google Earth to view the streets, parks and Lake Michigan. The class were astounded at the size of the lake. We learnt what it was like to live in Chicago and described the city. We sketched a picture of Chicago at night. The class produced some amazing work.
On Friday we were raising money for Children in Need. The children brought in donations and dressed in non school uniform. Some of us wore spots and wore little Pudsy ears. We thought about how not all children are as fortunate as we are and how sometimes they need more help. (See our next story about our visitor for Vision Awareness!)
On Friday we had a visit from Karen who works for the Vision Service. She was supporting LM to do a presentation about her vision impairment. LM was very brave to talk to her class about her difficulties and explain how she feels working in class.
The children in the class were very interested to participate in the practical activities and were very shocked when asked to work through a wordsearch and an activity from the board wearing plastic vision shields which distorts their vision similar to the impairment LM works with every day. 
The children really struggled to produce letters and numbers. They couldn't see where their friends were or to tie their shoelaces or choose the correct colours for a picture. We discussed how we could all help LM with her school day and make things easier for her in class.
We decided to;
  • Work more quietly in case LM had a headache from concentrating on her vision too long.
  • Help her to find the things she needs for her learning.
  • Call out to LM on the playground or in PE so that she knows where we are and where the ball might be coming from.
  • Ask LM if she is stuck or needs some help.
  • Remember to move around the classroom carefully and sensibly so that LM does not get stuck or squashed.