Science Week next week - 11th March. Let the investigating begin! Phonics screening check parent meeting on Thursday 14th March at 3.30 pm in the school hall. For all Year 1 parents and any Year 2 pupils who are re-sitting this. Any questions speak with your class teacher. Go Red for Red Nose Day Friday 15th March.

February 2019

What a busy month February was - despite the first day being snowed off and the half term break in the middle, too.
We finished the first Spring half term with the Open Afternoon and the performance of our story 'Monkey See, Monkey Do'.
We had previously worked on our Jungle Animals topic so that story was the culmination of that. The children really enjoyed their dressing up day and later enjoyed writing about their animals and making the face of it from a paper plate.
In Maths we have covered shapes, patterns and symmetry. The children, for some reason, got really caught up with the parallelogram and we had lots of examples of these brought from home and found and made around the class, inside and out!
We also covered lots of work using numbers. The children have been creating number sentences, are doing very well with addition sentences - ?+?=? - and we are beginning to look at subtraction number sentences, but they are quite hard! They enjoyed using the dice to create these sentences and are often recording these in their free play.
Our phonics work is surging forward. The children are now split between 6 groups working at the level that suits where they are and extending their knowledge and understanding from there. Early days yet but everyone's coping well so far!
It's been lovely to have some early spring weather and be able to get outside more - and without worrying about doing coats up! Although as we finish February I think that's all about to change - but not as badly as this time last year! Small mercies!!
In PE we have been looking at balancing. We started with large body parts - like tummy & back, which are quite hard when that's the only thing you can use! Then we used small parts like hands and feet. Balancing on two hands was REALLY hard but one child managed it!
We finished the month with our appeal for the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Our contribution is below. And didn't we do well as a school!