Happy Half Term. Have fun with friends and families. See you all safely back to school on Monday 3rd June 2019.

May 2019

A busy month, May, despite having a day off near the beginning! But at least it's been warm & generally dry!
We continued our look at lifecycles. As well as frogs and butterflies we looked at seeds and plants/trees. We were lucky enough to be able to see some tadpoles in school develop into froglets before they went back to their pond. It was really quite exciting!
In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and 3D solids, money and capacity as well as continuous work on using numbers and specifically doubling, halving and sharing.
Children used the 2D shapes that are Polydrons to make 3D solids. All the children worked on naming both shapes and solids.
With money we started looking at how much larger value coins are worth in comparison to pennies. Many of them got the idea and were able to exchange pennies to make the same amount with fewer coins using the larger value ones.
Capacity we examined the vocabulary involved - full, empty, half & nearly full & empty - and explored with containers how to do this. We also started measuring & comparing the capacities of different containers - how many of a small cup each could hold. The tallest was usually the favourite but not always the largest capacity!
We had a story all about sharing cookies which the children enjoyed but our activities were all about sharing apples - so much healthier!
Our story was The Little Red Hen. The children learnt the story well. They were able to write descriptions of the characters and wrote a short version of the story. They have worked really hard on it all.
To conclude this topic we made bread. The children kneaded their dough really well and we ended up with some impressive rolls. They all said they enjoyed eating the bread and some even said they shared their roll!
As it was May Day earlier in the month we have been using our PE session for Maypole Dancing. We are still in the early stages (we will continue after half term) but the children are loving it and trying really hard. Half dance while the other half accompany them on untuned percussion instruments. We have also started playing some recorded music written especially for the Maypole. The dancing is getting more complex so hopefully we will have some more good dancing to show next month. Below is a video of where we are at the moment.
To conclude the month and the half term we had an Outdoor Learning Day across the whole school. For our part we went over the road to the school field. We looked closely at the trees, plants and flowers. We examined them closely and made bark rubbings and drew trees and flowers. We finished off with outdoor snack as a sort of mini picnic. Thankfully the weather was kind!
Have a good half term and see you in June for the last half term of the school year. And hopefully some really warm weather!