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VIAM 2018

The children on the VIAM trip  have been exceptionally well behaved. On Tuesday we travelled into London and we visited the National History Museum where the children were fascinated by everything they saw. They enjoyed exploring the hands on activities and considerate of each other’s interests. We saw the dinosaurs, huge blue whale, gems and we travelled up into the deep core of the earth when we looked at volcanoes. 
After this we travelled safely to the scout hut accommodation and settled into our rooms.  The children enjoyed tea, hot chocolate and friendly chatter in dorms. They all settled down well and slept to a reasonable time this morning. 
This morning we are up, dressed ready for a busy day at Parliament and ready for the VIAM concert later. 
Well done to all children for being a pleasure to be with. Thanks to all staff and volunteers who have been amazing taking care of the children.