Science Week next week - 11th March. Let the investigating begin! Phonics screening check parent meeting on Thursday 14th March at 3.30 pm in the school hall. For all Year 1 parents and any Year 2 pupils who are re-sitting this. Any questions speak with your class teacher. Go Red for Red Nose Day Friday 15th March.

February 2019

Hello and welcome to Towan Class' monthly blog.
February has brought the start of Spring to Year 5. This month we have been learning about a plethora of new subjects.
In Maths we have been learning about fractions, percentages and decimals and have just started our learning on the use of co-ordinates, reflections and shape translations.
In Literacy we have completed a block of work on character description based upon the historical and Shakespearean character: Richard III. Check out the video of Ralph Feinnes perform a reading. This video was used to hook the pupils into their character descriptions. We have now started a new block of learning on instructional writing based upon Harry Potter and a text on "How To Catch a Niffler".
In Science we have been continuing our learning on forces. The pupils recently completed a fantastic scientific experiment on testing how surface area of parachutes effects the time taken to fall. The pupils completed a wonderful write up and I highly recommend you drop in and look through their work!
Our topic has now moved on from Tudor Explorers and has moved into Human and Physical Geography. The pupils will start learning about where our energy comes from with a specific investigation about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and how our choices affect the environment.
Another brilliant month. Well done Towan!
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