Spring Term 1 2020

We began our Tudor Explorer's topic with a visit to the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. The children participated in a workshop that introduced the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and her acquisition of land and wealth for England. We learnt about Sir Francis Drake and his expedition as a privateer for the Queen.
The children practiced using sail boats to navigate against the wind. We saw that there were times when the boats were faster and slower. It was difficult to control and steer the boats. 
We spent some time looking around the museum learning about how boats were made, different types of boats through the ages and how people are rescued from the sea. 
We have been learning about Forces in Science. We started with a practical activity linked with our Tudor work on wind power and sails. We had to design and make a kite!
We watched a demonstration video to see how it could be done with the resources we had and then worked in small groups of 2-3 to build our kites. We had to think about how they were going to fly and be controlled- especially as it was such a windy day. 
We were surprised to find that the kites actually flew quite well when we ran into the wind. We noticed that the faster we ran the better the kite took off. Those of us with tail weights seemed more stable in the air and some of us found that the holes in our kites helped to let some of the strength of the wind through.
We evaluated our designs and made some changes. It was an exciting experiment.
We have been learning about Renaissance Art and the work of Michelangelo. We found out about his painting of the Sistine Chapel. The paintings were huge and covered the ceiling. Michelangelo had to build scaffolding and spent seven years lying upside down painting the ceiling above him with images from the bible. He is also famous for his sculptures.
We tried to sketch with the papers underneath our desks. It was a huge challenge as we found we couldn't easily reach. Our arm ached a lot and it was difficult to get perspective and see what we were drawing.