Happy Half Term. Have fun with friends and families. See you all safely back to school on Monday 3rd June 2019.

April 2019

We have been learning how people have impacted negatively on the environment, particularly with the amount of single use plastic that has been thrown away.
Year 5 have had a visit from the Beach Guardians to explain how the plastic is affecting the seas around our coasts and what we can do about it. The children felt very strongly about this and would like the opportunity to do something about it as a school.
The Beach Guardians suggested that we set up a collection point for empty crisp packets. Crisp packets do not degrade as the Beach Guardians found one dating from 1973-it was in nearly perfect condition!
We have since set up a collection point in the school dinner hall, hoping to collect 4000 packets of crisps to transfer into credits for charity. We have also started collecting straws.
Here are some photographs of us in our workshop with the Beach Guardians. We will let you know how it goes! 
Our parents came in to spend the afternoon with us. We were focusing on Geography. We had to design a new Eco-town. We had to think about all of the conveniences and necessities that people need in a community and then design it with Eco-friendly planning in mind. We came up with some really good ideas.
  • Energy efficient homes with gardens on the roof.
  • Clean fuel sources- solar panels and wind farms.
  • No driving zones where bike tracks were used.
  • Larger green spaces and parks for well-being.
  • Allotments and vegetable gardens so the people can grow their own food.
  • Sustainable living with less electrical conveniences and appliances.
We looked at many different cities and towns across the world and based our designs on some of the ideas they had. We worked in pairs to create our plans. The Eco-town maps were very detailed and colourful.
We also spent the last week of term trying to cut down the amount of time we spent driving into school. We took a survey of the amount of children and adults who were walking to school. Some of us that lived further away parked and walked some of the way into school each day. 
We arrived on skateboards, bikes and scooters. We found that 18/29 of us were able to walk all or some of the way into school. We discussed how much better this was as why. We agreed that there would be less pollution in the air, we would be fitter and that it would cost less and be less stressful for parking!
On the very last day of term we had a Superheroes day to celebrate our walking to school efforts- Environmental Superheroes! Have a look at our amazing Hero pictures. We used a Green screen and an app on the ipad to create different back drops for our superhero scenes. The girls got really into it!