Science Week next week - 11th March. Let the investigating begin! Phonics screening check parent meeting on Thursday 14th March at 3.30 pm in the school hall. For all Year 1 parents and any Year 2 pupils who are re-sitting this. Any questions speak with your class teacher. Go Red for Red Nose Day Friday 15th March.

February 2019

February has been an exciting month in Tolcarne class.
Never before have the Year 5's had so much fun with their topic lessons, character descriptions and Maths!
We have had been learning about Percentages and have used many different strategies to inspire learning. Our concrete resources have been very busy indeed. We have also been recording our work in different ways and experimenting with using the tables in our class as bigger whiteboards. In this way we have been able to record far more work than we normally could. Take a look at our efforts!
Since half term our Maths has had a focus on Position and Movement. Take a look at the video of how we have practised making symmetrical patterns using two mirror lines in four quadrants. The children were timed in teams of four to see who could create a pattern with 6 bean bags the quickest! The girls managed it in 24 seconds...

Class assembly.
We produced an amazing production in our dance lessons called The Tempest after Shakespeare's play. The children used the wall bars equipment as a ship and attached two pieces of material as sails which were used to swing from. We had a captain, a bosun, a drunken sailor and a cabin boy. The whole school came to watch us. It was quite a spectacle...unfortunately we didn't get to record it for you...but it was very cool.
Reading Open Day!
Before half term we invited our parents in to share a reading afternoon with us. In Tolcarne we have been reading the class text Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The children have been very interested in the story as it has fitted in well with our work on Tudor Explorers and shipwrecks.
During the afternoon we designed posters to advertise an imaginary film of the book, we wrote messages in a bottle and reviewed the book, giving our opinions about the story. Most of us gave it five stars!
We also made a big signal fire like the boy in the book did to attract the attention of passing boats and get rescued from the island.
Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to come and help us!
Gravity and Air Resistance!
Our Science topic has been all about Forces. We have been learning about how a parachute works and were given the design challenge of making a parachute to safely carry an egg from the Y6 bridge to Tolcarne's pathway below...a drop of 6 metres!
We looked at different designs and discussed how they could be used or adapted to work for an egg. We worked in pairs. To make the challenge fair, we were all given the same resources and dropped the egg from the same height. It was nerve wracking to watch!
The good news is that we only broke 5 eggs so most of the parachutes worked very well!