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Summer term journey with Secret 6

Wednesday 18th July 2017
Today we went to Treviglas and did a science lesson.  All of Year 6 weren't even the ones gwho re going to Tretherras.  We did an experiment that measured the energy in food.  We had to use a bunsen burner to make a flame, some tongs to pick up the pieces of food and put above the flame.  We glad to wear goggles at all times.  Once the food had caught the flame and is basically burnt you can put it under a test tube that is filled up with 25 mltrs of water.  You then check the temperature with a thermometer.  It was all very fun!! The bus was going as slow as a snail on the way home and it was incredibly slow on the tiny little hills on the ground.  It was like we weren't even moving!
When I was walking home, all I could think about was the show tomorrow!  I am so so excited!
Monday 17th July 2017
Secret 6 is back after a long break.....
Today was the dress rehearsal for the KS2 musical,  Joseph and the technicoloured dreamcoat.  It was split into two halves so the audience (school) and us cast could have a 15 minute break.  
I was on in both halves.  The whole thing was better than I had imagined it would be and I was very pleased with myself. I also think everyone did very well even though Miss Evans had to speak to a couple of people. Overall I really enjoyed it.  I now just cannot wait until Wednesday and Thursday for the real thing.  I cannot wait until I wear my makeup and see my makeup.   I wonder what it will look like?
Monday 12th June 2017
Today we had another bikeability session with Josh & Martin.  Like before, it was really fun. This time, instead of doing it for the whole day we only did it for half a day.  For the first bit of the morning, when we came in until break, we went on the road and started where we left off on Friday.  We finished a bit earlier than expected so after breaktime we played lots of different biking games.  They were all really fun! I enjoyed them all!
After all that we went back into our classes and did some learning.
Friday 9th June 2017
Today was super fun because we had our first session of bikeability.  I personally enjoyed the practice for the road on the playground and when you're going downhill you get the wind blowing in your face and I also liked it when we were riding on the road.  
It all seemed quite scary at first but then after doing it it got very easy and I wasn't scared.  We did that for the whole day. I loved it all!

Thursday 8th June 2017


Today we had Mr Nash as our French teacher and he challenged us to remember all the learning he had taught us in year 4 and 5. I found this quite easy.


We sang a song that everyone also remembered called Allouette. The whole class enjoyed doing it. We played 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' in French. Mr Nash says a part of the body and we all have to join in.


The lesson was really good fun!

Wednesday 17th May 2017
Today I think was quite a good day.  
We started off with Mrs Hall having a talk with all of Yr 6 and it was in Class 13.  She was just talking about play equipment and how it goes over the fence, like everyday, and behaviour.  I think she made a good point.
Next we did a shared write in Literacy and we also did some more transition work for secondary school in Maths.  We did BIDMAS again.
After break we did some more Literacy it was quite simple because we did the plan yesterday.  We had PE after lunch which was really fun.  
Overall I think today was a pretty good day.

Tuesday 9th May


SPAG test and Spelling Test today. The spellings were the worst. They were really hard, we had not learnt all of the words before. I don't think I did very well at this, but the SPAG I felt quite confident and managed to answer everything.

I'm not worried about it. Maths is tomorrow and that will be ok....hopefully!

Monday 8th May


Today was our reading SAT's. I woke up feeling really nervous and excited. I got up early for the Breakfast Club and had toast and jam in the hall with my friends. I couldn't eat anything else!


The actual test was easier than I thought. Some of our practise papers seemed harder. It went by quite quickly and afterwards I felt really proud of myself. I think I might have done quite well.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Today I had Athletics. It was my first time of doing it since I got hurt last week. It was really good fun!


Firstly, once we had our equipment, we split into groups of 6. I was in a group with two other year 6's, two year 5's and a year 4. We were first on the standing long jump and then we moved onto the high jump. We had to jump over different height levels, (I did the top one!). Our group went on to do hurdles and the running long jump.


I really, really enjoyed all of it!

Friday 28th April 2017
Today I had a rehearsal for the musical 'JOSEPH and his technical dreamcoat'.  I am very excited for the real thing in July because I have got a really good part in it.  Unfortunately, I can't go to to all of the rehearsals because there is only four school days until SATS and I have to practise every Thursday at Revision club instead of the singing practice that everyone has on Thursdays but still.... today was a brilliant practice!! 

Tuesday 25th April 2017


Today we did PE. It was really fun because we did football rounders for the first time.

My legs started to hurt so I couldn't do any more. I loved it while it lasted....

19th April 2017


The first day of term was a great day for me.  Firstly, at assembly, Miss Evans announced that the Year 6 auditions for the KS2 musical was happening tomorrow. 


During lunch today me and my friend decided that we were going to audition so we have been practising a lot. We are going to practise more during break time tomorrow too.


I feel really happy with what we are doing. We had Art this afternoon too which was amazing!


To:  Secret 6  - Are you able to tell s what musical it is?  It sounds very exciting!!

It all began on Tuesday........ Tuesday 19th April 2017......
when we all returned to school for the start of the Summer term