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Summer term journey with Secret 6

SUMMER JOURNEY with Secret 6
It all began on Tuesday........ Tuesday 19th April 2017...... when we all returned to school for the start of the Summer term

19th April 2017

The first day of term was a great day for me.  Firstly, at assembly, Miss Evans announced that the Year 6 auditions for the KS2 musical was happening tomorrow. During lunch today me and my friend decided that we were going to audition so we have been practising a lot. We are going to practise more during break time tomorrow too. I feel really happy with what we are doing. We had Art this afternoon too which was amazing!


To:  Secret 6  - Are you able to tell s what musical it is?  It sounds very exciting!!


Tuesday 25th April 2017

Today we did PE. It was really fun because we did football rounders for the first time.

My legs started to hurt so I couldn't do any more. I loved it while it lasted....