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Summer 1 Week 3

It has been another busy week in Pentire. The children have been recapping on the Maths, Reading, Grammar andSspelling curriculum in carousel activities, revising all of their learning from the year ready for SAT’s. We have been utilising the talents of many of the children in the class as ‘Maths and Grammar experts’ to help teach some of the revision. I look forward to seeing many more children being Maths and Grammar experts next week and helping their peers. I would like to say a super well done to the whole class for their continued perseverance and positive mindset towards their learning.


We took a break from the revision on Wednesday to watch a video clip; this was based on an aliens experience and view on what it would be like to live on Earth. Having looked at how we develop characters personalities and emotions in our writing, the class had a go at producing stories based on the video. Take a look at some examples of the children’s work below: