In line with government guidance our school is closed. From Monday 30th March, our emergency childcare provision will be operating from St Columb Minor Academy. Please call 01637 873958.

Spring Term 1 2020

WOW! Already half way through the year.

Another great half term and our learning is really racing, as we are really stretching ourselves.  Our TREDS work is beginning to show in all areas of school life.  (TREDS - Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship – RFU code of practise, which lends itself brilliantly to being lovely people) This is continuing to improve.  We have learnt about the Polar Regions, which started with a riveting talk from Dr Denis Wilkins (Polar explorer) and carried on from there.  This has linked to our story telling with Elliot’s Arctic Surprise and have written about saving the Arctic from human actions.   

In Maths, we have continued to look at multiplication and division.  Our times tables are getting a lot faster and our TT Rockstars times are definitely speeding up. 

We have also been working on our spelling on Spelling Shed.  I hope the children continue to use both at home.

This term’s topic was “Poles Apart”. We have found out all about the Polar Regions and famous people who explored them.  We found out about the heroic Robert Falcon Scott, who gave his life, and Ernest Shackleton who braved the conditions and saved his crew.  We know the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic and why, because of bears, they got their names.

In Science, We found out all about how forces affect the world around us and where they can be felt in everyday life.

In PSHE we have looked at being brave and what it means to be brave.  Remember, sometimes the bravest thing to say is “Help”.

We have been playing hockey and our stick work has improved greatly.   If any children want to carry on, Newquay have a club and so do Bodmin.  Both would be very welcoming to new members.  For any information just ask Mr Rowles.

This term’s KIRFS are useful to show our learning and we are better at remembering them. To help develop children’s fluency in mathematics, we are continuing to ask them to learn Key Instant Recall Facts each half term. We expect children to practice their KIRFs at least 3 times a week. 

Next term, we are starting with “What have Inventors Ever Done for Us?” and moving on to “Chittty-Chitty-Bang-Bang”. KIRFS will be sent out to keep you informed.  Have a lovely break and see you, all refreshed, in a week.