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School nurse

What do school nurses do?

School nursing teams work with children to enable them to have the best possible health and education. We are an experienced, professional and skilled team who are here to help you and your child. The school nurse can see you and your child in a school or health setting.

School nurses have three main roles:

1. to give confidential advice and care to children, parents or carers

2. support parents, carers and other agencies to promote children’s physical and emotional health

3. to sign post you and your child to the right service.

Existing Referrals and Enquiries

Contact the Children's Services Care Management Centre on:

Tel: 01872 221400

Email: cpn-tr.ChildrensCMC@nhs.net

Children's Services Care Management Centre
Truro Health Park
Infirmary Hill
Tr1 2JA

 New Referrals

 Contact the Early Help Hub on:

Tel: 01872 322277

Email: earlyhelphub@cornwall.gov.uk